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About Gan Yaffa Preschool

Building Bright Futures

Philosophy Statement

Gan Yaffa believes that a good education for young children requires an appropriate developmental curriculum for a child’s holistic growth in all areas: physical, emotional, social, moral, and cognitive.

An appropriate developmental curriculum for young children takes into consideration two dimensions: age and individualism.

Young children learn best through exploration and active interaction with adults and other children. Children learn from concrete, real and relevant materials.

We believe that the role of the preschool teacher is crucial for the young child’s concept about school, society, self, and learning. Our teachers help foster a positive, successful and confident experience. As a result, children grow eager to learn and develop. Our teachers provide a variety of activities and materials and sequentially increase the difficulty and complexity of the activity as the child develops an understanding of new skills. Our teachers are academically prepared to provide for a wide range of developmental interests and abilities, according to the child’s chronological age.

At Gan Yaffa, the teachers are sensitive to the individual needs of children who exhibit non-traditional interests and skills.

In our school the adult-interaction takes place in a warm, safe and trustworthy environment, where adults are committed to respond quickly and directly to the children’s needs. We provide assessments and recommend placements in a timely manner for every child of legal entry as well as references for parents who need special services.

We believe that a good education program must include the family of a young child as a major component of the child’s development. In our school teachers and parents meet regularly to share observations and suggestions about how children can reach their full potential.

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